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The EMMI African Association of Churches and the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches an union of religious Christian people and is open only to believers.

The agreement of the association between different Christian denominations, individuals, and the Ecumenical Association IAoC recognizes the members’ membership and independence and maintains its own.

The association IAoC of Christian Corporation requires from any member the acceptance of all Rules, Constitutions, Statutes, or Doctrinal opinion, Sacramental devotion, or liturgical practice characteristic to the others, but implies that each believes the others to hold all essential elements of the Christian Faith and any Abrahamic or Buddhist Faith for any Clergy or Secular Member.

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  2. Group for people sharing the same interest. It doesn’t have to be about religion, it is our social network.
  3. Our location in Canada: Ottawa Ontario, Brownsburg Quebec, Gatineau Quebec, Halifax Nova Scotia,
  4. With members in Africa- America – Asia
  5. Members of IAoC Groups are considerate, motivated by love and not hate, and they respect one another Our members desire to contribute in a positive and loving manner so that IAoC Group will display the love of God.

Our rules were established for the benefit of our membership SO YOU NEED TO BE A WORDPRESS MEMBER TO REGISTER TO OUR GROUPS.

DAVOS-KLOSTERS/SWITZERLAND, 30JAN09 – Lord Carey of Clifton(VLTR), Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002), United Kingdom during, Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, United Kingdom, Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jim Wallis, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Executive Officer, Sojourners, USA, captured at the press conference ‘Religious leaders call for the peace in the middle east at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 30, 2009. Copyright by World Economic Forum
Swiss-image.ch/Photo by Andy Mettler
Public Domain Wikipedia

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  4. You are required to respect our member’s beliefs, even if you do not share them.
  5. You must be 18 years of age to join the IAoC Group.
  6. It is considered blasphemy to insult or mock Christianity. Contemptuous remarks regarding Christianity or Christian practices are not allowed, same for our inter-faith members
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  9. Promoting or proselytizing religious beliefs or religions is not allowed.
  10. Do not give professional legal, financial, medical, or other counselling.
  11. Personal Prophecy and Apocalypse will be considered off-topic to all site groups.
  12. Please treat all members with respect and courtesy through civil dialogue.
  13. NO Harassment of any kind, this is not a dating site but we knowledge that it may happen.
  14. Respect another member’s request to cease personal contact.
  15. For your own safety, please do not publicly disseminate any personally identifiable information such as your home address, phone number, social security number, or credit card information.
  16. Publicly releasing the contents of a member’s private communications without permission is not allowed.
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  19. Show kindness and compassion to others
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  22. .Disagree without being disagreeable
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  25. Posts seeking to condemn those who do not agree with their version of “liberal” or attempts to silence those with differing opinions or from different cultures may be deleted.
  26. Attacks on people’s faith are inappropriate and will be deleted.
  27. We often discuss sensitive topics. Posts dehumanizing anyone, fellow members or public figures, are inappropriate and will be deleted.

Love others without exception
• If you promote your group or writing make sure t your group(s)
• Show kindness and compassion to others
• AGAIN DO NOT SPAM, trolling, harassing others and disrespecting admin warnings


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Eric Michel Ministries International Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry

  • Formal code of doctrine and discipline from Eric Michel Ministries International Code of Canon Law 1987 to now.
  • Last edition 2014 plus yearly updated and including this Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Les Ministères Eric Michel International and Eric Michel Ministries International is legally constituted as a Not-for-Profit Corporation at Industry Canada under the number # 895170-5 and at Canada Revenue Agency under the number # 80323 9177 RC001