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Rev Eric Michel (Unitarian) was ordained on Dec 7, 1988, as a minister he operated the small group of 11 clergymen in Gatineau. Their task “Research”  A mediatech containing books, audio, photo and video library and tons of documents..

From 1987 to 1993 the computer system was one Commodore 64 and two Vic 20. With access to Compuserve and another network via Datapack. That is the basic foundation of our R.T.T. Ministry today.

A large part of his life was to give his time to the community as a volunteer. He was a member of many non-profit organizations (more than 20). He got involved as a member of boards with titles of director, Vice-President and President. Also, sitting at round tables of social communities for the community’s well-being in different aspects regarding health, socially and most important their primary necessity.

Rev Eric Michel founder of Eric Michel Ministries Int’l and co-founder with Rev. Marie Yvonne of the Chaplaincy Ministry



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