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Pierre Luc Galarneau


Pierre Luc Galarneau dit "Le Soleil"

The primary function is to oversee all activities of the IAoC office as well as providing supervisory oversight to support staff including Secretaries, Receptionists and other clerical staff. He reports directly to the Secretary-General.


  • Handle office interactions with outside visitors. This includes greeting and directing guests, answering phone inquiries, and handling requests or complaints in a professional manner.
    Keep track of inventory and work with supply vendors to ensure a well-stocked office.
  • Occasionally travel off-site to deliver files and reports to various departments within the organization.
    Maintain files with confidentiality in an easily accessible format.
  • Coordinate communication between various departments, schedule meetings, distribute reports and keep all parties informed of general business operations.
  • Operate and maintain office machinery, including copiers, fax machines and printers.
  • Maintenance and organization of reception area.
  • Ordering and maintenance of office supplies and equipment.
  • Organization and maintenance of IAoC calendar
  • Pick up, distribute and disseminate all mail and correspondence.
  • Screening and routing all incoming calls.
  • Answer mail, correspondence (wring letters), phone calls, etc.
  • Check email and respond.
  • Keep accurate membership records
  • Prepare Annual Reports.
  • Schedule and attend board meetings and record minutes.
  • Routine filing of paperwork.
  • Prepare new members' information packets and coordinate receptions.
  • Coordinate travel arrangements for speaking engagements.
  • Set up counselling meetings and other appointments.
  • Notify all Staff of member hospitalizations, deaths, etc.
  • Maintain and update all standard forms and ministry literature.
  • Maintain petty cash with accurate records and receipts.
  • Pay all incoming invoices.
  • Some accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Prepare and maintain an Office Procedures and Reference Manual.



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